Change the way you Power your business

We desire to see a more sustainable future for our environment. That is why we are investing in renewable energy options to power our customers. With CPV Retail Energy, you can achieve your Environmental Sustainability goals with a customized plan to fit your needs.

Lower-carbon, efficient gas-fired generation for system reliability

Wind generation options to help satisfy carbon reduction goals

Growing solar portfolio to meet renewable energy demand

Renewable Energy with a Big Purpose

At CPV Retail Energy we believe that your business and the planet deserve the same kind of commitment: 100%. That’s why we offer customized plans, including 100% renewable business electricity solutions, so you can make an impact on your community, no matter where you are.

We are an Environmentally focused company leveraging our renewable generation assets to act as a ‘Greentailer’. Focusing on the ‘E’ in ESG, we are dedicated to helping businesses make a difference in their local communities, and we believe in offering renewable solutions in conjunction with traditional solutions that help you position your business as a green leader. Because when you help your community and the planet, you’re supporting a cleaner future for everyone.

Financial Stability with Wholesale and Generation Experience

CPV Retail is a subsidiary of Competitive Power Ventures,  a leading North American electric power generation and asset management company headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The development of new wind and solar energy projects will continue, with renewed efforts ongoing in energy storage, green hydrogen and new ESG-based initiatives related to highly efficient natural-gas-fired generation.

Our Energy Commitment

We are committed to investing in clean energy sources that do not pollute our planet or contribute to climate change.

CPV Retail Energy is focused on the ‘E’ in the ESG part of the equation utilizing our renewable assets and investments.

CPV Retail Energy’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments are structured around four key areas relevant to our business: Our Products, Our People and Communities, Our Environment, and Our Corporate Governance.

CPV is committed to displacing older fossil generation with new natural gas-fired facilities that will dramatically reduce emissions, maintain reliability and help expand renewables. We recognize that grid-scale wind and solar projects are increasingly cost-competitive and compatible with flexible natural gas technologies. These technologies, combined with CPV’s world-class development capability, will help states meet their emission goals.


Our Service Area

CPV Retail offers customized renewable energy plans to businesses in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, DC, and Maryland.