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Our innovative energy solutions are designed to empower your business to reach your energy and environmental goals while boosting efficiency and savings. Let CPV Retail be your partner in ensuring a successful transition to more sustainable operations.  

Who We Are

Responsible Energy Starts with Us

CPV Retail, an affiliate of Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), leverages our expertise in efficiency and operational effectiveness to lead the clean energy transition. With 25 years of generation experience, responsibility is at the core of our energy solutions and our commitment to changing the energy landscape is unwavering. We continually strive to source electricity responsibly and efficiently, while adhering to our environmental and social values, helping your business reach its sustainability goals.

Why Work with Us

Proven Industry

As part of the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) family, we embody the same strength and innovation that has allowed CPV to be an industry leader over the last 25 years.

Clean Energy

We are strongly committed to clean energy investments, focusing on innovative and sustainable projects with grid reliability top of mind. These investments support our environmental values and reflect CPV Retail’s dedication to a multifaceted approach to the clean energy transition.


We understand the need to balance traditional energy needs with a vision for a sustainable future; and every organization’s needs are different. By offering custom solutions, you can progressively meet your climate goals at your own pace.

Areas CPV Retail Is Powering Businesses

CPV Retail offers customized renewable energy solutions to businesses across several states. We have a broad presence spanning across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Virginia, Delaware, DC, and Maryland, signifying our commitment to meeting the unique energy needs of businesses in these areas. CPV Retail is here to support your transition to sustainable energy.



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