CPV Retail Renewable Energy Electricity Plans

CPV Retail gives you a variety of electricity solutions to help you meet your business goals while helping the environment. Explore plans and products that will benefit both your company and the environment. CPV Retail can assist business clients across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, DC, and Maryland ( PJM) with a comprehensive selection of electricity options.

Fixed Rate:

With our fixed-rate electricity plan, you don’t have to worry about your energy costs increasing. You can lock in your rate for the duration of the contract. The price per kilowatt hour will stay the same over that time frame, so you’re guaranteed your electricity bill won’t fluctuate.


  1. Your bill is not impacted by changing market conditions.
  2. Consistent fixed rate
  3. Budget planning and predictability

Block & Index:

Block & Index combines fixed-price protection and variable-price flexibility. You’ll purchase blocks of electricity in advance, allowing you to choose the amount of energy needed to accommodate your usage, while still being able to hedge against rising prices.


  1. Businesses can capitalize on both fixed and variable market components
  2. Customized solution with flexibility
  3. Lock energy cost components to minimize exposure

Index 100% renewable:

An index or market rate plan is similar to a variable plan in that the price per kWh can go up or down each month. It’s different, however, in that the rate changes are based on an index, not by how much electricity you use. For example, if the price of natural gas goes up, it could lead to an increase in price.


  1. Allows businesses to capitalize on savings when market rates are trending lower
  2. Offers flexibility to change plan in the future

Additionally, we can customize a plan utilizing features of each of the standard products, fixing all or portions of energy with specified passthroughs as desired. All plans offer renewable options that fit your needs.